Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

jquery bublle popup for help

There are many jquery plugins help, for adding a bubble/ popup for help button,
but for me , this is the simplyest and easy to configure

This is the link
Jquery bubble popup

This is the example:

This is the example code:
 //create a bubble popup for each DOM element with class attribute as "text", "button" or "link" and LI, P, IMG elements.  
 $('.text, .button, .link, li, p.paragraph, #myimage1, #myimage2').CreateBubblePopup({  
 position : 'top',  
 align : 'center',  
 innerHtml: 'Take a look to the HTML source of this page  
 to learn how the plugin works!',  
 innerHtmlStyle: {  
 themeName: 'all-black',  
 themePath: 'images/jquerybubblepopup-theme'  

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